Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday Flowers and the holiday that wasn't!!

Back from holiday, the garden has been taken over by Convolvulus, but there are Roses. Alchemilla Mollis and Lavender, the Scabious came from Waitrose.....sorry Julienne!!

Sorry I didn't post any pictures whilst away, it turned out not to be a photography type of holiday, it was more a sitting about waiting for repair men and phone calls type of holiday.
When we arrived on Thursday I couldn't get the boiler to fire up to produce hot water, we eventually got in touch with an engineer who promised us an appointment the following Monday......4 days without hot water but I could cope!!! I loathe camping but a bowl balanced on an upturned waste paper bin in the bath, then filled with two kettles of hot water topped up with cold gave sufficient water for a hair wash using a mug , and a flannel for the rest of me.......good job I like a challenge.
Then the electrics started playing up, put the television or coffee machine on then switch on a light and poof!!! nothing worked for about an hour until the circuit breaker switch decided to turn back on.
All I can say is that with a bathroom with no window I was very glad to have a kindle cover with a light!!!

The gas engineer called, checked the boiler and declared we had no gas.....a mix up with the bank and the gas company meant that a bill last August for 17 euros hadn't been paid, though all subsequent bills had and they cut us off!!!

Getting gas reconnected in Spain is not for the faint hearted....a new account in my husband has apparently been black listed!! After many trips to the gas company's office we were still not reconnected by the time we left, a friend is now dealing with it, thank goodness.

The electrics were repaired on day 9 of the holiday a new switch on the circuit board was needed..... thank goodness the weather was lovely and it was light until 10.00 in the evening.

So we have decided to return in September to try again, and have the holiday we thought we were going to have!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, 6 June 2014

Chelsea Flower Show Part Three.

The last pictures from Chelsea as I'm off on holiday next week to our apartment in Spain, I'll be sending pictures from there but for now it's back to Chelsea.
David Austin Roses did their ubiquitous tea table again, but it is so beautiful and the roses so wonderful I couldn't resist......and the smell was heavenly.

Chippy chairs in front of wonderful planting which included Grasses, Verbascum and Aquilegia....gorgeous.

Pink Foxgloves on an Australian trade stand that sold garden sculptures and birdbaths, they had painted the walls pink......the colour!!

And this is the Laurent Perrier Garden designed by Luciano Giubbilei. These pictures were taken at about 7.00am on the Wednesday morning, the air was still, the light was amazing, I hope I captured a even the slightest sense of what it was like to be there at that moment.

And finally what caused all the angst and fretting in case I didn't get it. My RHS Chelsea Press pass and the 3 magic bracelets one for each early souvenirs of Chelsea 2014.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend