Monday, 20 September 2010

Dried Hydrangeas

On top of the chest of drawers in my spare bedroom, sits a collection of some of my favourite things.
I like to rearrange them from time to time, but they all take their cue from a crackle glazed pot of dried hydrangeas.

The natural colour is picked up by my miniature dressmaker's dummy.

The pink blush on the flowers a perfect match with the shell's soft pink interior.

Throw in the sparkle of a collection of perfume bottles and the wavy edge of a frilly glass dish.

The glow of mother of pearl and the black accents of an old sheet of music, perfectly complements the papery flowers.


Caitlin said...

Elegant, elegant, elegant...

Lin*** said...

Hi Georgie,
Well, you know from my ETSY "avatar" that I too love Hydrangeas!

PS: Great dressmaker's dummy too, and wonderful muted coloring in the photo!