Monday, 22 November 2010

The Old Soldier

Seen at an antiques fair last week, the stallholder very kindly allowed me to take his photograph.

Apparently he is Lord Kitchener, the British general.
Most famous today for that recruitment poster of the First World War.
 "Your Country Needs You".

I needed to take him home but couldn't afford the £500.00 price tag!!!
So he will go to a serious collector, not just someone who fell in love with him, ah well.


Caitlin said...


What a plum of a find!

Lin*** said...

Wow, Georgie!
This is Lin222,one of your ETSY friends. :-)

Anyhow, as you may recall,I restore vintage (and Antique) dolls, so I really appreciate this find....He is BEAUTIFULLY MADE!