Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Flowers

Some time ago I bought a Hydrangea plant covered in white blooms, this has been living in my sitting room quite happily, but as the weeks have gone on gradually the flowers have become more and more green. Strange but beautiful nevertheless.
My local florist bought these little urns back from Holland for me......I love them......thank you Chris!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend


Caitlin said...

I was hoping to get a sneak peak of
the Friday Flowers (It's Thursday night
here) and viola-my all time favorite
hydrangeas...happy sigh.

Thank you, Georgie!

Michelle said...

Lovely Georgie,I have a White Hydrangea, but mine eventually turns pink.

Have a lovely weekend. xx

white life© said...

No, Georgie, it rains. But it's no problem - the garden need the water.

Your hydrangea looks great. I like the elegant and nature color!!

Enjoy the weekend