Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Flowers in France

As the ferry drew into Caen harbour at 6.45 on Friday morning the sun rose to greet us, giving a taste of the weather to come. Yes we had a few showers but never got caught in them and it was warm......bliss.

Later that morning we visited a local market, and then after lunch went to St. Suzanne a medieval town, and there in a window was a poster for Sunday's fair.

Set on top of a hill, the small chateau is protected by high walls, an exquisite place with stunning views over the surrounding countryside and intimate little lanes and courtyards.

On Saturday there was more sightseeing, searching for Brocantes (alas all closed) and a lot more eating...did I say my friend Anita is a wonderful cook!
Sunday dawned bright but breezy as we set off for the Vide Grenier, the village of Thorigne en Charnie was host to this once yearly event. Residents set up in front of their houses, other stallholders were ranged down the side roads and in a small field.

I think it would be fair to say that this was more car boot sale than fleamarket, and treasure was not easy to find, if I had wanted rusty farm tools there were loads but no vintage jewellery at all. But I went with what was there and here are some pictures of my finds.

Saints, a toy cooking set, Paris bag handles and souvenirs, two amazing glass pictures, heavily distressed through age and damp and missing a lot of paint but still lovely nonetheless. The large pitcher and the blue funnel I bought for me.

I missed a few nice things, but hey ho that's what treasure hunting is all about.
After 3 hours of walking around in the hot sun it was time for lunch and we escaped to a local restaurant.
In the afternoon we played Petanque or Boules for the first time......and we won!!! Beginners luck I'm sure I've never been known for my sporting prowess.

Our friends live in a beautiful spot surrounded by fields, they own and run a gite for large groups.Anita does all the cooking and she and Mark do everything else themselves. Mark seems to be in charge of the garden, and had been working really hard on planning and planting. The big border was a delight, I've never seen such big Dahlias! Anita it seems does the weeding!

Monday came only too soon and after a leisurely breakfast we left our friends to get back to the garden, and made our way slowly back to Caen. We left France for a choppy trip across the Channel wishing the weekend could have lasted longer.

I'm off to Lille for more treasure hunting at the end of the month........just can't keep me away!

Have a lovely weekend


Caitlin said...

What a beautiful travelogue!

Thank you, Georgie.

Lucie said...

I see that you've tasted french vide-greniers :D Indeed vintage jewellery is a rare find in those kind of little markets

thefrenchcircus said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and your pictures are great! Thank you for sharing your travels with us - I yearn to go back to France! :) Robyn / The French Circus