Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Flowers

Friday flowers...........just!

Following problems with my pay as you go internet connection here in Spain, ran out of juice, attempt to top up on line failed, two trips to the shop to pay for more time (first attempt didn't connect) and here I am at last!!

So here we are in Spain, in the North and we never come here for the weather, but....... it's the longest day and this morning I put the heating on to take the chill off the apartment, everyone here is dressed for winter, quilted jackets, scarves and boots and moaning about the weather. No change from being at home then!!

I must admit that this is not a Spanish Hydrangea, this was taken last week at time yet for photos, too busy eating and catching up with family and friends......I shall need to re-double my dieting efforts on our return.

Off exploring tomorrow, hope you have a lovely weekend and the weather is kind to you.

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Michelle said...

Happy exploring, don't worry about the diet( you are on holiday : ) , Keep warm xx