Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday Flowers

The crab apple tree in my front garden is covered in fruit, this small tree was a wedding present...26 years ago! And it has never disappointed, in the Spring it is covered in blossom and every Autumn and Winter is abundant with fruit.
Even though it seems half of them have fallen off in the recent strong winds there are still plenty for the birds.
The Wood Pigeons clamber and crash about in the branches and eat the fruit whole whilst the Parakeets descend in a screeching flock of vibrant green and perform acrobatics to reach their chosen morsel, then hold it delicately in one claw whilst nibbling delicately until discarding the remains.......usually on the top of my car! There is a whiff of cider as you walk up the drive from the fermenting apples rotting on the floor.
And the tree has presented me with another gift, in the last couple of years it has sported two bunches of Mistletoe, just in time to cut a few twigs for Christmas.
So if you have a wedding present to buy in the future can I recommend a crab apple will be appreciated for many years to come........thank you Ruth and Mike for ours.

Have a lovely weekend

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Kay said...

what a lovely story!!