Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Flower Free!

Yet another post without flowers, at least this week there is real greenery.
Here is my wreath....I was going for a woodland walk look.....a mixture of firs and spruce, birch twigs, pine cones and grey moss.

I had a wonderful day at Martin and the Magpie in Hungerford, let loose on piles of greenery, with copious amounts of inspiration from Emma and Kay, lots of coffee, a fabulous homemade soup for lunch and cake for tea! What more could one want?
This is their storefront......see the swag of evergreens around the shop front, made by must weigh a ton! I pinched the photo from their website.....with their permission of course.

I also made a table decoration, I'll see if the light will let me take photographs of that next week. We have had a few dark, damp, cold foggy days here, but as I got home this afternoon, the sun appeared across the road just in time to set, the last glimmers reflected on the lake.

Have a lovely weekend.


Jacqui Wise said...

Lovely wreath and lovely sunset. Enjoy your weekend too.

Kay said...

The wreath looks fab on your glad you enjoyed the course, it was wonderful to see you!! xx