Friday, 21 March 2014

British Friday Flowers

Last week I took my lovely florist friend Julienne to Hungerford to meet up with my other lovely florist friends Martin and Kay from Martin and the Magpie.

Both Julienne and Martin are from Holland and had a good old natter (in Dutch) about what I haven't a clue! Dutch is an impossible language!!! After a cup of coffee and a good look around their wonderful shop we had a fabulous time browsing around all the antique shops in Hungerford (there are lots).

Lunch in a cafe with an interestingly retro menu......when did you last see Sardines on Toast offered for lunch?

On our way back to the car we popped in to say goodbye and I couldn't resist these Anemones, grown in their walled garden, they are planning to have their own home grown flowers for sale in the shop for most of the year.

I couldn't resist a patriotic picture for British grown flowers!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Martin & the Magpie said...

Thank you so much for popping round Georgie! It was lovely seeing you again and meeting Julienne! Glad you had a nice time in Hungerford and thanks again for my pressie! It has found itself a nice spot in a planter at home! :) Martin xx

Marianne Cook said...

Anemones are one of my all time favourites, especially the blue ones (but I love them all). Thanks for the Friday boost, Georgie.

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Beautiful, Georgie! And I adore the well-loved container that you put them in. xoxo

Kay said...

Brilliant photo Georgie in that old battered jug....and the red white and clever you Will keep you posted on the garden!!