Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Flowers

After a large tree fell across the road earlier this week wiping out my telephone line and internet connection, I was very impressed by British Telecom who got everything back up and running in 4 hours!
On Wednesday afternoon we lost internet connection again.....having checked for more fallen trees....I have ascertained that it is a problem with our provider Talk Talk. Definitely not impressed that it is now late Thursday afternoon and I am typing this in my local Costa Coffee (thanks for the free internet acsess!) as it is still not working at home.

To cheer myself up I have been out in the garden taking some photographs. I really must cut the grass, but it looks so lovely and meadow like I had to take these pictures first. Better cut it soon or I shall need a scythe!!

I'm very excited to say that my RHS press passes for Hampton Court Flower Show have arrived. I'm off on Sunday to have a good look round, plan my strategy and start taking some pictures. Then from Monday it's early morning starts......can't wait it's my favourite show of the year. I'll share some pictures next week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Marianne Cook said...

I love the cornflowers. Looking forward to seeing your RHS photos - have a lovely time.

leslie said...

I love the word "scythe". People should use it more often.