Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday Flowers

Forget-me-nots are now in a blue haze over most of my flower beds. Every year as soon as they have finished flowering I pull them up and think that next year there won't be any. And every year here they are!
It is a wonder of nature that if you have forget-me-nots in your garden, you are blessed with them ever after.

I thought a little vintage metal treasure chest was a fitting container for these precious flowers.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend.


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Stunningly sweet! I love the tiny one that fell from the nest. xoxoxo, thank you!!!!

Michelle said...

I think I have to agree with Jennifer, So sweet.
Happy Easter Georgie, not too many eggs :-]. xx

Caitlin said...

You've done it again! Beautiful composition.

Have a lovely Easter.