Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday Flowers

The first roses from my garden in a 1935 royal souvenir vase, set against a vintage union jack flag.
In celebration of a very special wedding taking place today.
Congratulations Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Now I'm going with millions of others to watch all the pomp, pageantry and romance of their very public day unfold before me.
Made even more exciting by the fact that my aunt Margaret is attending the wedding and is Kate Middleton's great aunt, goodness I'm nearly related to royalty!!

I hope you all enjoy the wedding and have a very happy weekend


Sarah said...

I hope you enjoy yourself and the celebration of the day. I stayed up all night just so I could watch the wedding and I was truly inspired. Their love for each other is very obvious!

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Today I really wish I was a Brit!!!!!

Lin said...

Beautiful arrangement.

I set my clock alarm to 1:30am because that's when Will and Kate's wedding started over here in the USA.

I watched the whole thing until 4:30am.

It was magical!

Princess Diana was up in Heaven watching the whole ceremony, I bet. :-)

PS: I just about cried when they played that song that Will dedicated to his Mom Diana.