Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year New Furniture

In my last post I said that a New Year always makes me want to decorate, move furniture and generally give the house a new look for the new year.
Well I've started!
On Friday 30th of December I had a delivery from my favourite Swedish Boutique......2 glass fronted cupboards. With some rearrangement of furniture, I managed to make room for them in the dining room.
Did I say these were flat pack and arrived in four boxes? But no matter, I am one of those strange people who love making flat pack furniture.......I find it strangely soothing to follow the instructions, screw this piece in here, tap a dowel in there!
That is until the screwdriver slips and I take a chunk out of my thumb.....ouch, very much ouch, and a few swear words, but no blood on the cupboard. By 10.00pm that evening they were both built and in place.

It then took three days to fill them up!!
You know how it is.....take china from one cupboard and discover how dusty it is, wash china, remove all the rest of the china from said cupboard, wash it, wash the cupboard... let it dry and replace the china, having sorted out large amounts to go to the charity shop.......how much mismatched white china do two people need? I wasn't bargaining on this being a spring clean but it turned into one!

And I can't just put stuff in a cupboard, it has to look nice, so hours spent rearranging, tweaking and generally faffing about!

So here they are for now, if you follow Friday Flowers on this blog you will probably recognise lots of things used as props. The good news is that there is still room for more!

I'm particularly pleased with the blue and white pots on top of the cupboard.......did I tell you I love blue and white china? This has inspired me to make slipcovers for my dining room chairs. I was thinking vintage French linen with a blue stripe through the centre.......what do you think? Any other ideas?

I'm itching to get on with decorating the sitting room but with 11 foot ceilings, that's over 3mts high, I think it is going to be a professional job. I can't reach even on top of our tallest ladders.
I'll keep you posted on any further developements.


Martin & the Magpie said...

hi georgie...wow you have been busy!!! it all looks fab-u-lous..the blue stripe french linen sounds just right although i have seen a gorgeous french linen with printed old correspondence on it..its a red print though...had to stop myself buying it as my fabric stash is already out of control!!! happy new year..Kay

Robin said...

Oh Wow!! It looks amazing!
The french linen would be super - or how about vintage pillow ticking?? I used that on chairs way back - looked fab.

KT Miniatures said...

This is all so stunning Georgina!Yes, know all about flat packs....tis my job in this house to put together. Happy New Year to you. Celia

Grover said...

The start of another year is a good opportunity to do things like that. The busy hubbub can be a little tiring, as re-decorating a room is no small feat, but the new room is a good sign. The change in surroundings delivers a breath of fresh air that can improve the atmosphere at home.

-Grover Gatchel

Allie Carrillo said...

It’s been in our family’s tradition to have new furniture every time we welcome the New Year. We want our home to have a fresh look, so we think it’s the best time to do it. Well, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to replace all those old ones. It’s more about rearranging the placement of the furniture. It’s our simple way of having a good start for the New Year. :)

Allie Carrillo

Gerry said...

Well, you could’ve just said: “New year, new look!” :D Our family considers the New Year as a great time to make some redecorate our interior. The New Year is coming soon, so do you guys have some remodeling plans for your house? My wife and I just started planning for a kitchen remodeling project. She’s so excited for it! Well, I am too! :p

Gerry Bossier