Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Flowers Salt and Pepperpot Bouquets

Funny what inspires us, sometimes it's something that nudges a memory, other times it's a fall in love moment that makes you want to recreate that thing but make it your own.
I've just discovered a lovely blog and her wonderful buttonholes inspired me to make some tiny arrangements, I've no need for buttonholes but I do have a collection of old salt and pepper and mustard pots that would make the perfect containers.

I started by raiding the garden for anything I thought might be useful and the kitchen for Sage and Rosemary. Everything went on a tray with scissors, ribbon and some small flowers snipped from vases around the house.

So here is what I came up with, tiny bouquets in a drop of water.

This last one is my absolute favourite, Waxflower an Ivy seed head and tendrils of Spanish Moss....thank you Miss Pickering for the inspiration!

I'm off to the theatre on Saturday night to see The Tango Show, who knows what that may inspire!

Have a lovely weekend


Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

So beautiful, so YOU! Looks rather like a "Miniature Garden"? Thank you for the lovely Friday inspiration! xoxoxo

Michelle said...

Small is Beautiful, Lovely Georgie xx

Kay said...

lovely, lovely georgie....have you seen her valentine advertising??...i wish we had the 'balls!!!'xx see you soon i hope !! Kay

Lin said...

I love how you used your Salt and Pepper Shaker collection as vases for your lovely displays.