Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday Flowers

A coronet of papery white can there be so many petals on one flower? They sat perfectly in the crown stamped vase and so one crown led to another!
It must be a subliminal influence from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee that has me thinking of crowns!

The weather was lovely yesterday, sunny and warm, daffodils are beginning to flower in the grass verges and tiny buds are appearing on shrubs and trees.........don't say it too loudly but Spring is just around the corner.

Have a lovely weekend.


Caitlin said...

A bouquet fit for a Queen!

The Cloth Shed said...

I received the same crown vase for my birthday last week!
Julie x
PS Glad you like the fat sheep...

Lin said...

WOW....Gorgeous Flower arrangement.

Also, I love the old metal "crown" that you used as a prop....That photo is amazing!

Georgie, you always take the most AMAZING photos!

Great job and have a wonderful week!