Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday Flowers

From hosepipe bans and record temperatures in March that had us all thinking that summer had come ridiculously early. To days of heavy showers, thunderstorms and the need to wear those winter sweaters again in April. Such are the joys of the British weather!!

But Nature just gets on with it regardless and the Crab Apple tree in my front garden is thick with beautiful blossom. I cut a few sprays to share them with you before the rain knocked all the petals to the ground.

Though summer must be on its way because I saw my first Swift on Wednesday, of our summer visitors they are the last to arrive and the first to leave. These amazing birds thrill me with their aeronautical displays and the fact that they have flown all the way from Africa to grace us with their presence for the summer.

I hope you all have a lovely and sunny weekend!


Kay said...

beautiful pictures as always...i haven't seen a swift yet but we have swallows and house martins here and i heard a single cuck-coo the other morning..a rare sound these days...i'm afraid there is more rain on the way..xx kay

Jacqui Wise said...

Beautiful photos. The fruit blossom looks so lovely at the moment. I love its delicacy and the slight hint of pink in the petals is so pretty. Hope you have an enjoyable (and sunny) weekend.

Caitlin said...

This reminds me so much of the
bouquets my grandmother would put
together out on her farm in
Oregon...Just beautiful.