Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Flowers

More flowers from my garden! Inbetween heavy showers I managed to go down the garden and cut a few sprays of Lilac to fill my favourite white jug.

Why have I never done this before? The smell is intoxicating and fills the room, the beauty in the detail of the flowers is wonderful.
Rain permitting I'm on the prowl for next week's subject!

I heard my first Cuckoo yesterday afternoon, a real sound of an English summer.....if only the weather would co-operate.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I had my first sniff of lilac this year just a couple of days ago - but unfortunately not in my garden. Our bush died and has not yet been replaced. Can you replant it in the same place, or is it like roses, and won't flourish in someone else's bed? I must look that up. Thanks agin Georgie, for brightening Friday morning.

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Beautiful, as always, Georgie!!!!!! I love the shape of your pitcher! xo

Jacqui Wise said...

Beautiful lilacs. I can just imagine the heady scent! I absolutely love your jug and the handle is such a pretty shape. Did you buy this new or was it a thrifty find?

Caitlin said...

As always, there's a happy sigh
when I see the Friday Flowers!

Thank you, Georgie.