Friday, 12 October 2012

Amiens and Friday Flowers

Amiens was lovely..... an experience not to be missed, we were so lucky with the weather, it poured with rain on our way there Saturday afternoon and on the way back on Monday. But Sunday was beautiful.

This is Amiens Cathedral taken from a quiet side street, whilst the madness of Le Rederie was going on just a few metres away.
I bought a few nice things, but my sort of treasure is quite difficult to the right prices! I probably buy more at my local bi-monthly antiques fair, which has about 600 stalls, but the thrill of the chase of that elusive french treasure is enough to get me across the channel at the drop of a hat!!
Here is a picture of my finds that I posted on facebook, taken with my i phone on top of the duvet in my hotel room.....a bed has never looked so inviting after getting up at 5.15 in the morning!

I will be listing these treasures and more french fabulousness in my Etsy shop next Friday.

And because it wouldn't be Friday without Friday Flowers here they are. A tiny painted vintage basket full of hydrangea florets and the sweetest Pansy and Viola......I love their faces.

Have a lovely weekend, and a very Happy Birthday to Jen on Saturday.


Caitlin said...

It's so nice to go along with
you on your travels!
Beautiful little pansies.

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oh! You made me misty. What a glorious birthday wish! Your pansy picture is stunning and make me smile!!! xoxoxo

Marianne Cook said...

I think you be seeing an approximate copy of your basket in miniature in my shop before long, Georgie, it's so beautiful!