Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Flowers at the Malvern Autumn Show

Well perhaps we should have researched the show a little better! We went expecting to take lots of photographs of gardens and plants, only to find no gardens and millions of autumn bedding plants, mainly Cyclamen and Pansies.

This was very much a local show with vegetable and Dahlia Competitions, Rabbits and Chickens in every variety had their own tents. And there were tug of war contests and Llama racing!!

So we forgot about photographs and had a lovely day out surrounded by the beautiful Malvern Hills.

As you are reading this we are preparing to go to a wedding, then on Saturday off to Amiens in France for a huge fleamarket on Sunday....take a look on Beau Papier's facebook page for updates on my the excitement of the treasure hunt is starting to stir!!

Have a lovely weekend, I'm so looking forward to mine!

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Marianne Cook said...

I have a big pot of these lovely cyclamen in my garden - they are a strange plant. They lose their leaves in summer, and the curly corms are then visible above the compost. In September the flowers emerge, like Autumn crocus, minus foliage. By now the leaves have caught up, and the pot is brimming with fresh greenery and little jewel-like blooms. They come up year after year and multiply. I really must divide the clump next spring!