Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Flowers at Chelsea Flower Show

Part One.

A year since the last Chelsea Flower Show! Last year was such a new and exciting experience for me, I was worried that this year wouldn't feel the same.....but it did!
The anticipation of seeing the finished gardens, the hustle and bustle of last minute frantic activity, and that magical time at 6.00am in the morning when all you can hear are the birds singing and you can almost believe that you have Chelsea Flower Show all to yourself were just as enchanting as last year and such a privilege to experience.

Like last year I concentrated on the details, the gardens have huge TV coverage and are photographed by the finest garden photographers in the world who love the big views......I love the details.

My first visit was on Sunday....gardens were still being finished, everyone was in hi-vis vests and there was much talk of which was going to be the garden of the show.
I escaped to the marquee and found stands still being built and trolleys of plants everywhere.

David Austin's beautiful roses, some surplus to requirements, some waiting to be unwrapped and put in place.

Ken Muir's Strawberry filled boots waiting for their place, I spoke to the guy whose boots they were. He thought it was fitting that they should end their useful life as a planter, I thought it was a lovely idea.

At about 5.00pm the sun came out...a miracle since the weather forecast had predicted rain only the day before. Lovely late afternoon light fell across the showground and all the photographers hurried to catch 'the light'

The perfect end to a perfect day.
More to come soon, I'm still going through all my pictures!

Have a lovely weekend

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Michelle said...

Thought for a moment we weren't going to have Friday Flowers. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Thank you for the informal peek. Hope your weekend is good, have a rest Georgie. X