Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Flowers

Ever think that everything is going swimmingly and suddenly it isn't? That's what happened to me last week.

And it all started so well.

I decided that I would upgrade my camera, to a full frame all singing all dancing new Nikon D600. I part exchanged my old camera and lenses and brought my new baby home for a play. Several hundred pictures later I was ready to download them........I computer software wasn't, it corrupted every picture.
To cut a very long and frustrating story short I managed (with the help of a very long suffering and patient friend called referred to as The Guru) to sort it all out. But not before feeling that I could quite happily throw the new camera and computer across the room!

So now I have settled down, here is a tea light holder full of Feverfew flowers....taken with my new camera.

I hope you all have a lovely calm weekend, I'm still wading my way through the camera manual!



Kay said...

technology hey...sometimes i wonder is it worth it!!
Good luck..xx Kay

Michelle said...

Hope you have a calmer weekend,
I do t like new things, always brings trouble,as you found out, xx

Marianne Cook said...

I hope you are now enjoying your new camera and it's proving worth the trauma. Love the daisy photo!