Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday Flowers

I've had a very busy week, got over the nightmare with technology of last week and had a building, sorting tidying, throwing out and organizing type of week.

In an effort to stop the house being over run with all my photo props I've taken over the smallest bedroom as a props room. There is just about room for the Z bed if we need another extra bed and as it has a north facing window is good for taking about squeezing a quart into a pint pot!

I'll show you the finished room next week when I've had a chance to take some photographs.

I'm unashamedly giving you more roses this week, pretty little pink spray roses teamed with zinc, and as you can see I'm still in love with my vintage cutlery.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, it's a bank holiday on Monday in England so we all have a long weekend to look forward to.....hope it's special.



Marianne Cook said...

I love the colour combination - the zinc with its rust-notes, and the pink and cream rosebuds. I hope you don't mind if I inspired by it to make something in miniature, Georgie.

Georgie Steeds said...

Thank you Marianne, I'd be delighted to think I'd inspired you to make one of your miniature works of art. Georgie xx

Marianne Cook said...

The miniature version is nearly finished, (slow because it is a bit of self-indulgence I have to fit it in between pansies, violas and more lavender).