Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Flowers

My garden has a haze of blue in the flowerbeds at the moment, Forget me nots seed themselves so prolifically that even if I think I have pulled them all up before they set seed, up they come again the following year. And I'm delighted that they do, so pretty as a blue mist, even prettier close up.

The little chunky blue pottery bottles are from the 1920s-30s and believe it or not were used to hold Ronux furniture polish, so much nicer than today's spray cans.

Just a note about the white jug from last week, I bought it in Homebase (a large home and garden diy store for those of you not in England) about five years ago, it wasn't very expensive but I loved the shape and it has become one of my favourite flower containers.
I'm up in London this weekend exhibiting at the Kensington Dolls House Festival....wish me luck!

Have a lovely weekend


Caitlin said...

Good luck, Georgie, at the
Kensington Dolls House Festival.
Wish I could come!

Beautiful blue flowers today.

Anonymous said...

I love forget-me-nots! There are some escaped from a garden in a hedgerow near me the deepest blue I've ever seen them, (bird's-eye-speedwell colour). I am keeping an eye on them to collect a bit of seed in hopes that it will grow true. Hop you had a great time at KDF!

Anonymous said...

Or even 'hope' you had a great show! I doubt that very much hopping was involved, unless it was to relieve the ache on each foot in turn.

Jacqui Wise said...

I love forget-me-nots too. Like you my garden is full of them at the moment and I have a small jug of them on my mantlepiece. They last quite some time when cut considering how delicate they look. The garden always looks so bare just after they finish flowering and I have to pull them up. Hope all goes well at the festival.

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

These are one of my favorites! So old fashioned and endearing. Love both the color and their sentiment!!!! Gorgeous pictures (as always)! xo