Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday Flowers

Just when I thought there was nothing left in the garden to photograph for Friday Flowers out came the Rhododendron that grows in a very large pot in the courtyard just outside my workroom doors.
When I left on Thursday afternoon for London and the weekend's miniatures show, one bud was barely open. Returning on Monday morning the bush was covered in showy white flowers tinged with pink, incredible as I thought it didn't have many flowers this year.

On a completely different tack isn't it amazing where life can lead us? From having an Etsy shop selling vintage jewellery, medals and curiosities to writing this blog and taking the photographs for Friday Flowers, I now find that I'm a "real" photographer with a press accreditation to take photographs at Chelsea Flower Show. To say I am delighted, stunned and excited is an understatement!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, on Sunday I'll be at Chelsea Flower Show for the first day of my new adventure!!!!


Michelle said...

Good Luck ( not that you need it) for Sunday. Will be waiting for some photos.
Have Fun and enjoy. Love Michelle x

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

STUNNING!!!!!!!! xo

Kay said...

wow!! well done Georgie and have a ball!! Kay

Jacqui Wise said...

Lovely photos and how fantastic to be going to Chelsea flower show as a photographer. Good luck and have fun. Look forward to seeing your photos on your return.

Caitlin said...

Dear Georgie, I so enjoyed seeing
your Friday Flowers. Right down
to last petal.
Have a wonderful time on Sunday.

Lin* said...

Hi Georgie,

Just stopping by today to ck out your beautiful flowers.

Always fun to see what you're up to.

"Lin" ...your Etsy friend