Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Flowers at Hampton Court Flower Show. Part 2

And so to continue.......the planting on one of the Conceptual Gardens was beautiful, silver birches, and below a haze of grasses, Gypsophyllia and delicate summer flowers blowing in the breeze. Leading the eye to the outside wall of planks of weathered wood and rusty corrugated iron.

And from there into the marquees, it rained rather a lot over the time I was there and I spent a good few hours in the marquees sheltering from the downpours.
Again some very quiet pictures of the Floral Marquee, usually it is impossible to walk easily between the displays due to the crowds. I think you can see how wet the ground is......and that's indoors!

It was here I found a stand selling Air Plants, not something that usually attracts me and indeed they had the usual type of display with the plants wired to pieces of wood. But what I loved were the regimented lines of the plants for sale displayed on old fruit frames with wire mesh bases. They took on a new dimension en-masse and I'm wondering if I could grow some on an old garden sieve and hang it on the wall?

Between downpours I made my way to the Growing for Taste marquee, where I found Garlic! Oh the colours, the smell.......see what I mean (without the smell unfortunately).

And now because my photographs seem to be rather monotone and quiet in colour I'm going to leave you with a wall in a garden that added much needed sunshine to my day, and another idea for plants in a frame!

See you next week with some photographs from Tatton Park Flower's a hard life  being a photographer!!
Have a lovely weekend

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Caitlin said...

I start each Friday with your
feature! Great photographs, as
always, Georgie. Thank you.