Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday Flowers

Beautiful Peonies and garden Roses that smelt heavenly will have to make up for no pictures of Hampton Court Flower Show this week.

The weather has been awful! Monday was okay, but by the time I'd got my bearings and had a good look round, not many pictures were taken. Tuesday up at 4.20am....again, and managed to take one photograph, yes one single solitary photograph! It just poured the whole time. Wednesday up at the same time, still raining, but managed to "break in" to the Floral Marquee and take some close ups of flowers.
But on Thursday the weather brightened, the sun even came out for a's quite hot when the sun shines at this time of year, I'd forgotten about that! And I actually took some pictures, but I'm too tired to tweak them so next week will be Hampton Court Flower Show.

In the meantime enjoy these fabulous overblown flowers, and have a lovely weekend


Michelle said...

Beautiful Peonies,Hope you manage too catch up on some sleep this weekend. :D xx

Marianne Cook said...

Stunning flowers - and pretty polka dots complement them perfectly.

Lin* said...

I love Peonies.
I planted many different types in my own garden since they do so well over here in the Pacific NorthWest USA.

Great photos--as always--Georgie!