Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Flowers at Tatton Park Flower Show

A Three hour drive got us to Tatton Park at midday on Tuesday. The cloud was low with a promise of rain, the ground was rather muddy and glad I bought some rubber boots.

The forecast was for a lot more rain on Wednesday, not a promising start.
Tatton Park sits on top of a hill, sheltered on one side by a thick band of mature trees, open on the other to views of distant hills. A dramatic spot but open to the elements. It was windy, but the showers held off and the sun made brief appearances through the cloud.

After a walk round the place that called me back was an architectural salvage stand (surprise surprise) they had very pretty plantings and were using interesting containers......but oh that chippy peeling paint.

Up the next morning at 5.00 for an early start, I think it had rained during the night, but it was dry if overcast when we arrived at the show. I found the produce tent and was transported back to a stay at my Grandfathers when I was a child. Their local summer show was on at the end of the week and I entered one of the classes with a felt Humpty Dumpty.......oh the excitement on winning first prize and receiving a certificate.
Competitors were carefully arranging their home grown fruits and vegetables in the hope of winning a coveted R.H.S. award.
All that concentration deserved tea and a chance to calm the nerves.

And then the sun came out! It was hot, too bright to take photographs but just right for sitting and watching the world go by......this felt just like a summer holiday.

I took a few more pictures as the sun was sinking, on a stand that sold mature trees, it was the background I loved a huge carved wooden panel flanked by columns topped with bowls of silk flowers.

I hope you have enjoyed just a glimpse of Tatton Park Flower Show.
Next week we are off to France for a few days visiting friends who live the Mayenne region. It is their local Vide Grenier or Attic Sale while we are there.......I can't wait, I'm sure French junk is much nicer than English junk. We are taking the holds a lot.......oh the temptation! I'll let you know if I succumb.

Have a lovely weekend


Marianne Cook said...

Is there REALLY any doubt that you will succumb? I don't think so... Have a lovely break!

Michelle said...

wow what fabulous pictures, you certainly have a good eye.
Have a good time in France,have a good rummage,and say Hello to Anita for

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oh so incredibly gorgeous as always!!!! That last picture made me gasp out loud. And, seriously???? A big 'attic' sale in France? Yes, my friend, please succumb!!!!!

Caitlin said...

Ah, the gooseberries, the rhubarb...