Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Flowers and Cutlery

Lately whilst treasure seeking at Antique Fairs and Fleamarkets I've been attracted to those stalls selling antique and vintage cutlery. I always make a bee line to the boxes with single boxed matching sets for me! I like to buy a single set of knife, fork and spoon though knives are hardest to match often with bone handles, and all are EPNS or silver plated and have a nicely tarnished patina......and no I don't intend to do lots of silver polishing!

But it's all the different styles, shapes and sizes that are so interesting, the Victorian and Edwardian households must have had mountains of cutlery. There was what we are used to today, knife, fork, spoon and perhaps a soup spoon, but when did you last use a fish knife and fork (except in a restaurant) ? There are sardine knives and forks (the same as a fish set but smaller) and special serving implements that go with them, dessert knives, forks and spoons, fancy cake servers, spoons for pickles,jams, mustard and sugar, the list is endless. And no Stainless Steel, no wonder they needed servants if only to keep all the cutlery polished!

And because it's Friday Flowers I wanted to share this beautiful rose, It's name is Piano and it has the faintest most lovely scent.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend......Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating. I'm off to a Christmas floristry course on Sunday at Martin and the Magpie in Hungerford, there may be a wreath or perhaps a table arrangement to show you next week........wonder if I can incorporate some cutlery?


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Caitlin said...

Love the close up of Piano. I can
almost smell it!