Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Flowers

It's blue and white time again!

I love blue and white china, and have a small collection that I added to at my local fleamarket last Tuesday. I had already bought some prepared hyacinth bulbs and was looking for some suitable containers.

I came up trumps at one stall, I was delighted with the bowl for £1.00 only to be told it came with two saucers and a plate for the same price.....result!
The gorgeous mug that has a chip that only I can see was £2.00, and my lovely friend Michelle lent me her favourite jug knowing that I wanted blue and white china for some photographs. Thanks Michelle.
I'll let you in to a secret......the check fabric is tea towels, £2.99 for 3, and the beautiful wallpaper, a sheet of wrapping paper......and they say the camera never lies!

I've more bulbs to plant over the next few days, hopefully they'll be in bloom for Christmas if not they are something to look forward to at the beginning of 2013........doesn't time fly?

Have a great weekend......I'm off to London for lunch with "The Girls" on Saturday......Covent Garden here we come!



Caitlin said...

Dear Georgie,
This is just the time for
forcing bulbs, isn't it? Love the
blue and white...Beautiful!

Marianne Cook said...

I love the blue and white too - and I can almost smell the hyacinth.

flowers on my table said...

Gorgeous Georgie, I love blue and white too. What bargains you managed to find. Clever photograpy too. Love Linda x