Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Flowers

I decided to go all cool and green this week.
A beautiful arching stem of Solomon's Seal, and what happens when you accidentally break the top off another stem? You put it in a Victorian Ink pot of course!

It's still freezing cold here, we had snow yesterday and the wind is bitter. I'm so fed up of wearing the same old winter clothes and fancied something new.......the shops are filled with swimsuits and tshirts.......hmmmm.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


Marianne Cook said...

This takes me back - we had Solomon's Seal in our last garden. We still have Victorian glassware dug up from that garden - tiny bottles including ink bottles - perfect for horticultural accidents and intentional single blooms!

flowers on my table said...

Hello Georgie, I love the cool blues and greens in this picture, so peaceful. Shame about the clothes shopping! Love Linda x