Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Flowers

I can't resist the velvet faces of Pansies and their little sisters, Violas. This one had me at first glance....the colours!!..... russet and purple but with a touch of maroon, an edging of gold and a freckling of cream. Beautiful, subtle and soft and lovely against a grey linen cloth and concrete pot.

I'm out on Sunday with some girlfriends to a craft show.......It's an OAP outing.......don't know if I'm depressed that we now all qualify for concessionary tickets, or glad that we get a cheaper entrance fee!
I keep telling myself that age is all a matter of attitude, and I'm intent on ignoring are as old as you feel, it's just the mirror that lies!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend

1 comment:

Kay said...

such pretty violas...have a great day out......and do what i do and don't dust the mirror...slightly blurred its good!!!!