Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Childhood Treasures

I had a fantastic day treasure hunting yesterday, though the early start has taken its toll today! Why is it when I have set the alarm for 5.00am, I wake up at 3.45 and can't go back to was a very long day indeed.
I know I usually tempt you with twinkle and mother of pearl and medals, and yes I found all of these, some real beauties amongst them, but I wanted to share something else that I brought home. Battered, very well loved and obviously the centre of many tea parties, I just couldn't resist.

The snakes and ladders game came home with me as well.

I won't be doing my big listings on a Friday for the next couple of weeks, I have a really busy time at the moment, not least a big dollshouse miniatures show to prepare for. Please keep an eye on my Facebook page for up to the minute information on listings, I'll still be going treasure hunting so watch this space too!


Kay said...

Hi Georgie..i am just the same when we go up to Covent Garden at some unearthly hour..the bonus is that you see the most amazing sunrises and that you sleep really well the following night!!!!...thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog....really though you are certainly qualified to comment on anything...good luck with the minature shows...xx kay

Marie Robinson said...

Oh I love these - combining metal shinyness with a tea set ticks all the boxes for me! Good luck with the show