Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Flowers

Narcissus in October? I know the seasons have been a bit strange of late, but when I saw these I thought I had slept through the entire Winter and Spring was here!

Alas no, but I can never resist the scent of these little flowers, out of season or not. As I sit here writing this their wonderful perfume is wafting over my shoulder.....intoxicating.


Hope you have a very happy weekend.


Michelle said...

Oh Georgie I can smell them, Gorgious

Anonymous said...

Yes - my favourite Scilly Isle nursery announced this week to say the first of the season's narcissi are being sent out now. I always order them for Christmas - but it seems like the narcissi season, like the Christmas season - is getting earlier!

When so many florist flowers have had the scent bred out of them, thank goodness they haven't yet managed to do it with these!