Sunday, 9 October 2011

Personal Treasure

This morning's visit to one of my favourite antiques fairs didn't reveal very much in the way of treasure for Beau Papier, but I found a new addition to my dressmaker's dummy collection, the small linen covered one on the wooden stand.

I couldn't believe my luck......and I nearly missed her!....I was so busy concentrating on the table top that only a last minute glance at eye level found her in my sights, and at a bargain price too. I can't tell you how delighted I am!
Well you have probably guessed as here she is for you to share.


Marie Robinson said...

Oh I love these....... and have a serious case of 'dummy envy' !!

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

I've never seen such a small, sweet mannequin! I totally live in the wrong country. xoxoxo!

Lucie said...

She's so pretty!!!Bravo!