Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday Flowers

Clematis in a little blue and white transfer print pot I found in a charity shop. I loved the shape, the romantic landscape and the peacock.

But the biggest surprise is how lovely Clematis is as a cut flower. I rescued these stems from the still life arrangement I showed you last week, and they are still going strong, the buds are opening and there is no sign of wilting.

So in future if you have clematis in your garden, this I think is a late flowering variety, then give a few stems a try indoors where you can appreciate their flowers in detail.

Have a lovely weekend


Kay said...

hi Georgie, it was a surprise to us as well how fantastic this variety is as cut flower, such a lovely shape too!! x

Jennifer Black Reinhardt said...

Oh my!!!!!! Your amazing photography just takes my breath away! xoxoxoxo!

Anonymous said...

I have a very early flowering scented white clematis in my garden and always bring a few stems indoors - there is a painting of them on my website: